The Conte Family years of Experience

                                 The Conte Family experience started in 1958., when Pete Sr., Dad, was among the first remodelers to pioneer Vinyl Siding products in the  early 1960s. That lead to  a  small Vinyl  Storm window manufacturing plant added. Somewhat of a visionary idea ahead of our time, our Vinyl Windows, Doors, and Siding products comprise about 90% of today's builder product market purchases. We proudly say we've serviced over 100,000 windows and doors in spanning 8 decades. Joining the Window Depot USA Dealer Group was useful to grow our business to provide the customer with national support, yet local service.You can trust the products we have chosen and used successfully with over 10,000 customers in all our years of service. Your confidence is well placed. Trust is earned. Thank you for visiting our site. Hope we meet one day. -The Conte Family ! All of us !


Windows & Doors:

                                Double or Triple Pane Glass Models both in all styles shown

 Window Depot USA Products 

4th Largest Home Improvement Group in USA- 40 States

Window Frames : 

A  hybrid combination of virgin resin Vinyl, Composite reinforcement  structural inner core strength,foam injected frame and sashes. Extremely strong frames. 

Neopor Foam Insulation INCREASES in R Value as it gets COLDER outside !

Triple Pane series: Neopor Foam Insulation technology;  year round protection against energy loss ! Results ? Warmer and cooler home !

Window Models and Style Options

New Homes-New Rooms-Existing Homes Replacement Windows

Bay and Bow Windows: Things to Know

  1. Bay Windows have only 3 actual Windows
  2. Bay Windows project 16-24 inches outside your walls
  3. Bay Windows need a roof over them outside
  4. The Center window usually is fixed, won't open
  5. The Two Ends windows will open and ventilate
  6. Bow Windows have 4 to 8 actual Windows
  7. Bow Windows project 8-12 inches outside your walls
  8. Bows may not need a roof ( your Soffits protect top)
  9. Both Models increase new space to be heated/cooled
  10. Both Models have oak or birch seats ready for staining or painting

Color & Hardware Options:

13 Frame colors, exterior......9 colors & woodgrain interior choices

Interior colors are woodgrain laminates that give an authentic look to any style home. We have installed them in National Historic Registrar Homes with full approval of local and national historic preservation committees. You will think it's wood !

In Between the Glass Blinds available

 in Double Pane Glass models only. 

Glass Options Galore !

Design options for every style home

Your Energy Saving Glass System Options:

Double or Triple Pane Glass Systems

Hinged Patio/ Sliding/French Patio Doors

Patio Doors : Things to know

  1. Sliding Doors offer the greatest options for furniture placement anywhere in the room ( they do not  swing in or out )
  2. Sliding Doors typically less costly
  3. Hinged Patio Doors have one side MOST OPERATED, the other door  is only occasionally opened 
  4. Double Swinging French Patio Doors lose more energy , and therefore are typically used on interior walls-room to room access-not exterior wall doors
  5. Double Pane and Triple Pane Glass on some models

Sliding Doors:

Optional Hardware color choices also. Deadbolt and Specialty foot-lock security bolt available. Glass options shown above are mostly available for Sliding Doors also.   


FlexScreen ! 

A New Screen Idea  
that beats them all -
See Video button to Vimeo 



Interior & Exterior Trim Products

Replacement of  existing homes with rotted, weathered wood window, door &trim boards  - makes your windows  & siding look  all the better !